The United Montessori Children’s school is located within the Commune of Lancy and surrounded by beautiful parks. The school is on the ground floor of the building on Route du Grand- Lancy and has its own entrance.
Our Bilingual school (Fr,Eng) welcomes children from 3 to 6 ears old. Warm, close to the facilities, and with a parking lot, our school is strived to provide a high quality educational setting in which the child can experience developmental excellence while being cared for in a healthy and enjoyable environment.

The school is holding a mixed age classroom (3 to 6 years), the child learns at his or her own pace, receiving inspiration from older students by observing their work, and from receiving gentle guidance in social situations.
Children learn by doing. One of the hallmarks of Montessori education is the handson method of learning. The child will explore the world through her/his senses, discovering new concepts and developing skills by using a wide variety of inviting, colorful, scientifically designed manipulative materials.

The child will enjoy to come to school as she/he is in a nuturing environment.The structured environment is designed so that a child can naturally become disciplined and active participant in their daily work. Through the introduction of new materials, guidance from teachers, stimulation of the mind and imagination, the child will employ free choice lesson work cycles, as provided by the schedule. The child is enjoying, moving, creating, exploring, observing. He is living!

Living language is a part of their daily life; they are able to register and absorb sounds, then repeat words with a perfect accent, as in singing a song.

In our school the children are immersed in both Languages (French and English): there are two teachers, one always speaks French, and other one always speaks English. This time-tested bilingual formula is unique, and creates an ideal dual language environment for learning. This approach allows children to be constantly working with and learning both languages on a daily basis. Due to this, the children have no problems picking up a second language in a Montessori environment. Children are easily capable of quickly learning a new language, and expanding their vocabulary within a span of few months.

The school of United Montessori Children is dedicated to the philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori in the belief that her teachings provide a scientifically based system which not only aids the child during early development but throughout life.


Our mission is to guide, nurture and educate children in an environment of love, respect, peace and beauty so that they will continue into adulthood to be strong, capable and independent citizens while meeting their highest academic potential.
But also to support the fulfillment of the child’s greatest potential—physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually.


Attitudes and confidence developed while she/he is still in formation will serve her/him throughout her/his lifetime.

For the teaching staff , the first educator of the child is the parent, that is why we attach a great importance to the quality of the relationship with parents and collaboration with them. It is a daily activity that can bring children and adults with mutual trust dedicated to solidify over time.
Two individual interviews are set up at the beginning and the end of the year to track the progress of your child. However, further sessions are possible by appointment.

Meals are delivered by a caterer who uses local products, of which most are organically grown. Attaching great importance to a balanced meal, our catering is recognized by the label of the « Green Fork ». Eating is an essential activity of the child, not only because she/he needs it, but because it is an important moment of interaction with other children.
To reinforce this conviviality and sharing, all children eat at school. Before the meal, two children accompanied by an adult will prepare the table and at the end of each meal The children will clean their plates and cutlery.

Hassna : Directrice et enseignante angophone AMI 3-6 ans.
Après son High School Diploma, Hassna s’est interessée à la psychologie de l’enfant et a préparé « infant and Toddler Care Certificate » à Howard Community College au Maryland où elle séjourne pendant 7 ans.

De retour sur le territoire européen, elle est diplomée d’une licence en sciences de l’éducation et en alternance s’inscrit à la formation Montessori AMI 3-6 ans où elle réussit. Hassna a enseigné 7 ans dans les écoles Montessori et internationales sur le canton de Genève et le canton de Vaud. Elle est maman de 4 enfants.

Wendy: English teacher for the 3-6 year olds.
Wendy is originally from Ireland. She did her Montessori training in Dublin and over the past 30 years she has worked in various schools in Geneva and Vaud. She is happily married and the mother of two adult children.