Our admission process serves several important purposes. It allows parents to become better acquainted with our mission and practices. Likewise, it gives families who are new to Montessori an excellent introduction to the philosophy and methods of a Montessori education.

The United Montessori Children’s School, serving children ages three to six years old, is committed to providing an authentic Montessori experience, based on Dr. Montessori’s scientifically designed system of learning.

The admissions process can take place at any time of the year. However, we urge parents of prospective students to apply in the Spring for entry into our programs the following September. If our classes are full, your application form will be processed and your child’s name will be placed on a waiting list for entry as soon as a space becomes available.

  • For the registration process, parents and prospective students will be invited for an informational interview and a school visit. You and your child will have an opportunity to spend 15 minutes with a teacher in the classroom.
  • After the visit, the prospective families are invited to complete the application form and pay the accompanying, non-refundable application fee of CHF 350 for the first child (CHF 175 for each sibling) to begin the application process. No child will be considered for admission until we have received a completed application and application fee.
  • Parents will receive a response approximately two weeks after all required application materials have been submitted.
  • By signing the application, the parents accept all the conditions .


Entries are made only after interview with the Management and visit of the school, if possible in the presence of the child. The child is enrolled for a ten-month school year, from the beginning of September to the end of June of the following year, according to the official dates of the Canton of Geneva. No reduction or refund can be made in case of absence or departure during the year.

Registration is officially registered upon receipt of the registration form and these signed general conditions, the annual registration fee of CHF 250 and the first month of tuition for each registered child.
The child is enrolled for the entire school year.

In case of cancellation before the beginning of the school year, the registration fee is not refunded.

Application Fee

The school year includes a month of re-entry followed by three distinct quarters.
Tuition fees are due in advance and quarterly (see Table Table).


The school year consists of three distinct quarters:
• end of first quarter: November 30
• end of second quarter: March 15
• end of the third quarter: end of June (depends on the school year)


Management may refuse the child’s entry to school or terminate a registration if tuition fees are not paid.
Tuition fees are due, including in the absence of the child, for whatever reason. Tuition fees may be changed at the beginning of each school year.
A 10% discount is granted from the second registered child of the same family.


Tuition includes 4 meals per week, all classes given during school hours, snacks and equipment used. They do not include outings and extracurricular activities.


The child’s reinstatement for the following year is automatically renewed, unless otherwise directed in writing of the parents before April 1. After this date, the registration fee is due.


The registration of the child is the acceptance of terms and school rules.

Termination of the contract of tuition

The contract may be terminated by registered letter no later than one month before the quarter end, otherwise the following quarter becomes exigible.Toutefois in case of force majeure, the parents pay the tuition for the current quarter. If the school fees had already been paid for the year, the difference will be refunded.

Insurance / Liability

The child must be personally insured for accidents that may occur to him.
Families are responsible for any damage local and school facilities made by their children.
Please attach a copy of the accident insurance and liability insurance.


He asked parents to attach a copy of the updated immunization record and complete the medical questionnaire.


For the smooth running of the school, he asked parents to report absences in the morning between 8:00 and 8:30. If the child is sick, parents should prevent school. If there is a fever or other symptoms during the day, it is the responsibility of parents to take him home.


We draw your attention to notify the school if the disease is contagious to prevent other parents the medical questionnaire.


We offer balanced meals with fresh vegetables and fruits, carbohydrates, a source of protein and dairy parnotre caterer. Please note that we respect the restrictions on religion or allergies. We encourage children to taste everything.



Children are welcome between 8:10 -8h30.

We ask many parents to respect the hourly limit of arrival to avoid disturbing the class once begun.

Les enfants sont accueillis entre 8h10 -8h30.

Nous demandons aux parents de bien vouloir respecter l’horaire limite d’arrivée pour ne pas déranger la classe une fois commencée.



Children who come for a half, parents are obliged to recover to 13:30.

We ask parents to respect this timetable without disturbing the class of the afternoon.


Children leave school at 16:00.
Please note that no verbal or written authorization from you, we do not entrust your child to someone else to return home. In case of change of any last minute you can call the école.e respect these hours to not disturb the class of the afternoon.

The guard

A childcare service is set up for parents who can not pick up the children at 16:00. It starts at 16:00 and ends at 17:30. The custody fee is CH 15 / hour


In case of dispute, the jurisdiction is Geneva, Switzerland.

Children are welcomed in the morning between 8h10-8h30.

From 8:30, the children work individually or in small groups and have a greater freedom of movement and activities. Based on close observation while allowing each child actor of his learning journey, educators orient to a material suited to their needs and will be submitted individually.
Some will feel the urge to snack. This consists of fresh fruit and prepared by a small group of children, is available to all.


11.30: We gather all the children we organize games, telling a story, memorize a poem, sing songs or just, we let the children express themselves on the theme worked in class.


12h00-12h50 lunch time: the children are supervised by a teacher and an assistant .Meanwhile, everything is done to grow self-esteem through autonomy. Children put the cover, use, dispose and participate in the dishes, throw vegetable waste compost …


13h00-13h45: Recreation and starting younger children.


14h00-16h00: Back to the Montessori activities.


16h00: end of the day.
From 16h a day care service will be set up (depending on the number of children)


A resting place is laid if the child feels the need during the day.

Educators are moving constantly and have individually the equipment throughout the morning. They observe children individually and direct them to the most suitable according to their time sensitive material while leaving the child actor of his career. They guarantee « atmosphere », ie all components of the child’s environment: the emotional security in the teacher-child relationship between children and the calm, the quality of language, the correct location of the furniture, etc …

The holidays are modeled on the holidays of the canton of Geneva